Monday, August 23, 2010

Low Impact Street Art
There can only be so many Marilyn Monroe moments over city subway grates. There is a large population that will even refuse to walk over the grates. I know I think twice before walking across the large expanses of grates from time to time. Joshua Allen Harris found a way to bring these grates to life. Utilzing the air rushing up out of the subway system from passing trains, his sculptures come to life and animate otherwise ordinary city streets. What started out as something cool to do in his free time, has become more popular and has developed a following. This type of street art utilizing resources already present on the city street, calling upon the subway system to animate the sculptures. The materials, trash and grocery bags are used to mimic the neighboring garbage and blend into the streetscape. The art then comes to life for a few short seconds as the underground city rushes past below ground.

Retrofiting these temporary displays is cheap as much of the materials can be picked up off of the street if the artist so chooses. Installation is completely versatile, all that is needed is a source of air to inflate the pieces.

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