Sunday, November 28, 2010

CoHousing Conceptual Plans

This is my first conceptual plan for the Aiken Village project. I took the functional plan a step forward and placed all of the housing along the street, but the houses facing the Common Green. The parking stalls are broken up with plantings in between each set of stalls. Each stream is daylighted and wetlands are introduced to manage and treat the stormwater. The greenhouses are placed next to the community gardens, along with a classroom and a couples houses to keep watch over the area.

This is my second conceptual plan for the Aiken Village Project. The housing is clustered together to help to create a heirarchy of public and private space. Each cluster of homes create a common courtyard for its residents that in turn open up to the common green in the center of the site. The community garden is shifted to the south end of the site, next to the Common Houses and Classrooms. Almost half of the site can be restored to forest. Large wetlands serve to help manage and treat stormwater.

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