Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spend a Day in my CoHousing Community

For the second project in Studio 3 for the MLA program, before we started any design work, we were asked to write a paper on what it would be like to live the day in the life of one of the residents that would be living in our CoHousing Community. I took the approach of a journal entry for a MSU student living in my community. I think this helped me when I was trying to figure out some of the character I wanted to incorporate into my design. The paper is below:

            I start my day as any other day of the semester, waking up way too early for class. Seven in the morning and my alarm is going off, can’t wait for another long day on campus. Well, at least I was lucky enough to get one of the apartment dorms on campus this year. It is pretty nice to live so close to campus, and be able to walk to class or take the bus. It saves me a ton of money of gas each month that I can spend on… soda. I get up and make myself some breakfast. I love the fresh fruit from the gardens outside to put in my cereal, community gardens part of college living, who knew?
            I pack up the stuff I need for class and head out the door to a down pouring of rain. I run over to the bus stop to wait for the shuttle, at least I don’t have to get soaked walking to class from here.
            The rain has let up to just a soft, quiet, steady shower by the time class is over so I decide to take the rain route, as I like to call it, home from class. I walk down University Drive, into the heart of the cotton district. I turn the corner and head down the street past Tabs and shuffle past Jean Caf√© to avoid an hour long conversation by the crazy owner. I reach the “headwaters” of the rain route to my house. I sneak through the woods and end up on Prospect Place. Walking along the one way street I follow the rainwater closer and closer home as it runs down the boulevard. I reach Collegeview Street and the water momentarily disappears under the street. I cross the street and head east, almost home. All of a sudden, the water appears again on my left. Meandering along the street, the water finally reaches my neighborhood with me right behind it.
            My house is on the far east side of the site so as that water disappears into the buffer and treatment facility, I head back to my house. The rain has stopped by now and everything is shiny clean as the sun comes back out. I head back to my apartment and drop everything off and change clothes. I head back outside to take care of some gardening in my plot. I get overzealous and pull some weeds in a neighbors plot before taking a walk around the neighborhood. I stop in the common house to see what is going on and chat with some friends. I head out the doors and hit one of the walking trails. This route takes me past the stream and pond that runs through the neighborhood. With all of the fresh rain, it gurgling sounds of moving water actually make it quite relaxing. I head back to my room and get cleaned up. I grab my homework and head back to the common house. I sit down and work on some homework before dinner. Tonight some friends and I are making dinner. We invited some neighbors to come and eat so we are cooking for a crowd.
            Dinner is cooked, eaten, and cleaned up and homework is done. Time for bed! See you in the morning to do it all over again. J

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