Monday, November 29, 2010

CoHousing Enlarged Plan

This plan is my Enlarged portion of the site. I chose an area that featured both housing and public open space. The wetland/ pond area features islands which help to slow down water, allowing for better treatment and management. The edge of the wetland features a slate border. I wanted to use this idea because I wanted to bring a more modern twist to the area. This also brings some heirarchy to the other wetland that is elsewhere on site. I placed a more formal public plaza on the edge of the lake to house the pizza oven and provide a place for larger gatherings. That site as well as the housing courtyard features a checkered pattern of stone and grass pavers that are ten foot squares. The large scale squares bring another modern twist as well as allowing for more permeability with the grass. I placed deciduous trees amongst the housing units to provide shade in the summer, as well as sunlight into the homes in the winter.

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