Monday, November 15, 2010

Planter/ Lighting Detail

This is a detail of a planter I designed for the Whitfield and Scales project. I wanted to design something at a large scale so it had some presence in the landscape. I had developed the sidewalks to be 8-10' wide to accomodate the 4' cube planters on the sidewalks. The base cleff lighting feature ties into the concept of the overall design. The five steel bars that wrap around the cubes represent the scale bars in sheet music. To add an element of interaction to the planters, theremin technology will be used to add an audible element as people walk past the planters. Each planter will play different musical chords, so that no specific song or genre will influence the experience.
This following link is a video of a large scale theremin, not exactly what I had in mind but you will get the idea.
Laser Teremin

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